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In my recent experience, when I desire something, it appears. I lost a sweatshirt and a new one found me. I dreamt of swans and then saw them in the park the next day. I picked flowers without anything to press them in and a Little Free Library was around the corner with a hefty old book inside.

There's something magical happening to me, and I think it shines most when I am in alignment with my desire. When I don't tie myself to outcomes, when I stop worrying about risks, when I let go of what is expected of me and explore my curiosity, I find that on the other side of it is beauty and peace, or at least something to learn.

I think social media would have us believe that everything is awful and that the best thing to do is stay inside and hide. But I don't believe we should turn away from the brutal and unconscionable things happening. I believe we should do everything in our power to help, but it can seem impossible. "How can I make a difference?" I shout into the darkness.

I've learned that when I am in alignment -- which really just means when I am not stressed out of my mind with my own problems -- I am able to see more clearly. Suddenly the ways in which I can help appear too, just like the sweatshirt and the swans. I see how I can transform the world around me in positive ways and the immeasurable ripple effect that can have.

And what I've found is that even in the darkness, people sing, love blooms, and life persists. You just have to look close enough.


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