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Broken, but Alive

Today was the day my book was supposed to be published. I had plans for how I was going to bring you all into the story that has captured my heart for nearly ten years. But instead, I had to postpone it all. 

My life looks radically different than it did six weeks ago… My marriage has ended. All the things that anchor me to this world are locked up in a storage unit. I rehomed my chickens with a nice family and a big yard for them to free range on. I’ve left behind my flowers, my garden, and my deeply loved trees. My “home” right now is a twin bed in my parents’ house. My pups are my constant companions. 

This is not how I planned for things to go. All the areas in my life that were once quiet are now loud and messy. I am confronted with the bigger questions of who I want to be and overwhelmed with the impermanence of everything. 

This isn’t the first time my life has fallen apart, and it probably won’t be the last. But the one lesson that rings true for me no matter where I find myself is that I can always rebuild. 

For now, I am waking up every day with gratitude for what is not lost and letting go of what is. I am surrounding myself with as much beauty and love as possible. I am leaning into the chaos and embracing whatever comes next. 

Thank you for the check-in texts, the invites, the grace when I decide I need some time alone, and the constant reminders that I am loved and valued. I have everything I need to get through this.


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