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Music has been my gateway these past few months. If I want a good cry, I listen to Noah Kahan. If I want to dispel some anger, it's Florence + The Machine. If I want some peace, just gotta flip on Yoke Lore. Dancing? Goth Babe. The more I listen, the more I feel. And I realized that I was living outside of my body for so long that I forgot how to listen to it too.

A healer told me recently that she envisioned my body cast in concrete. She saw all of my ideas, trapped inside my mind. She saw my voice, stuck in my throat. She saw my heart, releasing pain, but letting nothing in.

Now the stone is beginning to crack and crumble away. I am softening, and yet, I'm also growing stronger. I am learning how to carry my pain without burden; how to make decisions that are centered with my values and the vision of who I want to be; and how to appreciate the ends of things just as much as the beginnings.

It turns out, a broken heart can still choose love, and a body made of stone can still feel music.


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