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The holidays were difficult for me. I usually get nostalgic and allow old wounds to resurface and this year was no exception. I tried to stay strong through it, but I was getting caught up in old cycles of disappointment, guilt, and shame.

As the holidays drifted into the rearview, I dived into the euphoria and hope that came with the New Year. I felt that all of the pain I’d experienced over these past few months was finally behind me.

The first two weeks of 2024 were a whirlwind. I had so many ideas brewing. I was budding with life. It felt like spring had arrived! One look out my Ohio at window would tell you otherwise, but I tried to maintain my sunny frame of mind.

Then I noticed things started to get out of alignment. An event I wanted to go to ended up being a bust. People were letting me down. Sure, these things could seem like minor inconveniences, but the reality was that I was distracted. If I had been paying attention to the signals, I would have been more prepared for these outcomes. I would have recognized how ridiculous it is to do anything bold in January.

I am learning that I can’t avoid my own nature, my own seasons. Winter is harsh. It's a time to prioritize rest, nourishment, comfort, and community support, which unironically, is exactly what I will need to do to tackle the season ahead.


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